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Godou and you can Erica provides a highly tricky matchmaking regarding beginning

If the a few very first met, neither of them appreciated one another that much at first due in order to some frustration and Erica’s uptight nature. But immediately following Godou kept getting themselves in peril for other individuals or troublesome items to aid Erica out, Erica in the near future dropped madly in love with him just after dealing with see your for some months. In the near future afterwards, Erica enjoys announced by herself as their partner, girlfriend, and something true-love, and you can Godou argues from this at every chance. Although not, they have personally admitted so you can themselves that he really does pick Erica extremely glamorous, which there appears to be a connection between her or him, but finds the lady drive away from-putting, when he knows if the he offers even an inch, he’s going to end up being covered up-and just about married so you can the woman in no time and you can thinks she actually is racing something too quickly to have your. He ‘does’ rating annoyed by their states and this many get in the face value, assuming the 2 having been sexual. Even with Godou tending to hightail it away from their, he’s got told you it in order to themselves one she actually is among the essential dear members of the nation, even after their claim to not review girls. Eventually, Godou located himself falling having Erica even to help you a spot where he did not real time instead of her due to this lady undying loyalty and love she reveals for your, and also make Godou aware that she created all the word she told you and you may sacrificed much to have him. Godou even turned extremely available to admitting to proper care and you can love Erica, even freely kissing the woman and if the guy desires. Towards the end of one’s collection, Godou became significantly more happy to do intimate minutes having Erica as well as got local college hookup app intercourse with her.

In the Ex boyfriend Frequency, Godou and Erica enjoys a very partnership, they even appeared as if they certainly were going to marry. Godou keeps sex many times with Erica, and another ones moments she turns out expecting. Erica works out pregnancy so you’re able to twins, a man and you will a lady, with this specific they end up being mothers, and in addition they wind up partnered.

Yuri Mariya [ ]

At first, Yuri think Godou is good fearsome tyrant due to the lady previous connections with good Campione additionally the rumours regarding your getting a great raunchy person that pulls females every where instead proper care. Despite their concerns, she still attempted to persuade Godou becoming more reasonable within the his methods having Erica even with it as the most other way as much as. Godou, to start with, believed that she are very precious, but could end up being most manipulative and hard to tell if or not she try resentful or timid. not, immediately following Godou spared Yuri from the Campione Voban, the fresh new two’s relationships have finest and you will Yuri reach find that every of your own smutty strategies had been with the Erica. Because the one or two interacted, Godou discover he relates well that have Yuri if you are certainly one of the standard lady and you can knows the lady greatly helping support the girl jobs because the a beneficial Hime-Miko, and therefore cause Yuri losing crazy about Godou, in the event the woman is not yet ready to face it, possibly even so you’re able to herself. Inside Regularity 5 Yuri keeps admitted one to she’s got thinking having him, even happy to bring their purity later, and also in Regularity 7 she swore allegiance for a lifetime so you can Kusanagi Godou until one of them dies, showing simply how much she seems as much as Godou and how much she trusts him to store the lady as well as maybe not betray this lady love for your. Like the almost every other female, Godou will not score Yuri away from far better bad but do hold Yuri inside a separate set within his cardiovascular system and profoundly cares on her behalf. Out of the five lady, Godou experimented with his most difficult to be softer together whenever they have to perform some ritual. Once the series goes on, Godou started initially to become bolder during the ritual which have Yuri which, even after loathing smutty circumstances, started initially to deal with your a great deal more. By the end of collection, Godou became even more willing to practice intimate times having Yuri as well as had intercourse along with her.

From inside the Regularity Ex boyfriend, Godou’s reference to Yuri gets to be more romantic. On one-point Godou hugged Yuri publicly, hence embarrassed the girl, Yuri scolds Godou to achieve that in public areas, but he cannot care and you will kisses their, and this made the lady pleased. Yuri together with returns to having intercourse that have Godou, indicating again that she not any longer cares regarding the starting lewd acts which have him.

Liliana Kranjcar [ ]

Liliana are Godou’s trusted knight. She tries to persuade Godou and you may by herself that all of things she does to have him is actually once the this woman is his first knight and this obligation falls so you’re able to the woman because of the things. Both are shown getting ideas for every single almost every other and by Regularity 18 Section ten, it is revealed that both are aware of the emotions for every single other, but under pretext regarding lord and you can knight, despite the fact that are matchmaking such as partners. These were also willing to spend nights with her when it was not to have Liliana’s housemaid living in their household. Out of all the girls, Godou appears to faith Liliana the quintessential for her dedicated and you can sincere character, hence Godou entrusts the girl, close to Erica, to assist build the Round-table when you’re Godou are aside. Towards the end of your own show, Godou turned significantly more prepared to do sexual times with Liliana and also got sex together.

For the Frequency Old boyfriend, Godou and you can Liliana keeps a romantic relationship. Liliana snacks Godou with an increase of regard. While the a couple continue to use the father and you can Knight problem, he is showing their ideas on the exterior anyway. Liliana within one-point requested Godou to check the girl injuries, Godou made it happen however, don’t come across one injuries, the guy easily realized one Liliana did getting gender which have him, which they ended up creating.

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