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Etiquette When Visiting a Home or at a Party

Extra activities (e.g. texting, eating, putting on makeup, shaving, etc.) while driving are illegal and may cause accidents. You should pay attention to all signs especially in construction zones.

It is illegal to drive less than 15 mph below the posted speed limit, so try to drive with the flow. If not, use your flashers.

My friends were surprised and asked me why

In yielding and merging pay attention to other drivers (especially the absent-minded ones) and keep your distance with other vehicles.

“After only being in America for 3 months and driving with my international license, I came to an intersection with a school bus that had its stop sign extended. I came to a complete stop and then proceeded. However, the school bus was still there. I received a $368 fine in the mail!” (Ana Patricia Aguilera Hermida, Mexico)

Eating Culture and Etiquette

Americans tend to value convenience when it comes to food match.com free trial 2019. They don’t spend as much time cooking and savoring their food. The pace of life has lent itself to the success of fast food restaurants, convenience stores, pizza delivery, and “carry out” options.

Most Americans eat three times a day. Cold cereal with milk is common. However, toast, fruit, bagels, yogurt, and eggs are common breakfast options too. People in U.S. usually eat a light lunch and typically eat it “on-the-go”. Lunch possibilities include soup, sandwiches, or a salad. This is normally eaten between 12 and 2pm. The evening meal is the largest of the three meals and is typically eaten between 5:30pm and 7:00pm. This meal is called “supper” or “dinner”mon meals include meat or fish and vegetables, pasta, or pizza.

“There are a lot of cultural differences between India and the U.S. eating habits are so different from back home. When you eat a meal at home, we usually eat using our hands. We don’t usually burp unless it’s with a family member, but still ask to be excused. Because India is so culturally diverse, eating habits also vary a lot within the country itself. We usually tend to cook meals for guests instead of take out options. Now more and more families are moving toward buying food from outside to save time to do other things, but primarily, we still cook and savor food. Eating etiquette among friends is also different here. In the U.S., friends usually eat their own meals and rarely share water bottles or cups, whereas in India, you could just pick up your friend’s water bottle and drink from it or eat from his/ her plate.” (Adi Divakar Venu, India)

People do not share dishes together although they e time around a table. Everyone has their own plates or packages of food even when they hang out together. This is very different from the custom in many other countries such as China. A funny story happened to me 3 years ago. This was the first time I hung out with my American friends. I was the only Chinese student among them. I assumed we would share the dishes. After others ordered their food, I thought the food they chose was too much for all of us. So, I just picked a small desert. They told me I couldn’t be full by only eating this. I said the desert was enough and explained my reason. They all lericans are not used to sharing dishes together.

« In Saudi Arabia and in a lot of Eastern countries, it is considered so rude to walk into a host’s home with your shoes on. I felt uncomfortable at first when I visited one of my American friends. Sometimes, it is easy to forget to keep your shoes on. If that happens, apologize respectfully and put your shoes back on. If you’re instructed to take them off, then you mari, Saudi Arabia)

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