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Casino bonuses explained: top popular bonuses and how they work

Online casino bonuses are created to attract new players and retain existing ones. Gambling sites understand the fact that pulling in gamblers becomes easy when the platform has exciting perks to offer. There are several kinds of bonuses that you can see at different casinos. Unlike in the past, modern casino bonuses are easily accessible. You don’t need to put in great efforts to get rewarded. They will be presented as ready to eat meals when you register yourself at an online gambling site.

Some of the bonus types come in handy at the beginning of a gambling journey. For instance, free spins are offered as part of a welcome or sign-up bonus. You can use these to get a hang of video slots. Other prominent categories of bonuses include deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, reload bonus, cashback, loyalty bonus, high roller bonus, refer bonus, and matching bet bonus.

Welcome Bonus

The first and foremost casino bonus type is a welcome bonus. This is an attractive package of benefits that are offered to attract new gamblers. Generally, it includes some free spins alongside a free match deposit bonus. Free spins can be used to play specific slots. The match deposit percentage can range from 100% to 500%. If a casino offers a 100% match bonus that means you will be getting the same amount as your initial deposit. A player who deposited $10 will get another $10 as a bonus from the casino, taking your account balance to $20.

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is not that different from what you get as a match bonus in the welcome package. However, the difference is that the deposit bonus isn’t confined to just new gamblers. The existing players can also take advantage of free money by adding funds to their casino accounts. You may not get up to 500% here, but still, players can manage to receive a 200% deposit bonus from generous gambling sites. Don’t get attracted to a high percentage because this can potentially be tied to challenging wagering requirements. So make sure you are on top of everything before you enjoy the offer.

No Deposit Bonus

This is just the way it sounds. Players get no deposit bonus as free money when they create a casino account. You are not required to make a payment to be able to benefit from such sort of bonus. Such a bonus can be gained from any $1 minimum deposit casino Canada. Unlike welcome and deposit categories, no deposit bonus doesn’t offer a decent percentage. So you should not be expecting a massive jackpot against getting registered with a casino. Be ready to receive any number ranging from $5 to $20. Remember, you are not supposed to withdraw this free money unless you meet all the wagering conditions.

Reload Bonus

Many Canadian casinos provide their customers with reload bonuses. Whenever you make a payment (after the initial deposit) to top up your casino account, a reload bonus is offered as a sign of encouragement. Casinos might have selected certain days of the week to roll out such benefits. You will be notified through an email. So, make sure you regularly check your mails to redeem the bonus offer before it gets expired. However, this won’t come as a fixed percentage. It can be any number based on the amount of deposit. Hope you won’t mind getting free money, no matter how much it is.

High Roller Bonus

The majority of gamblers step into the world of gambling by making small deposits. They feel satisfied with small perks. On the other hand, gamblers willing to make large deposits are termed as high rollers. Likewise, bonuses made for such players are known as high roller bonuses. Players having big gambling budgets can’t be attracted to a $100 bonus. That’s the reason top-rated casinos offer $1500, $1200, and $2000 as high roller bonuses. Remember, not all casinos offer this sort of benefit. Only a selected number of prestigious gambling sites bring such massive bonuses.


Online casinos offer various types of bonuses to reward and attract players. Benefits are offered to gamblers for creating an account, playing regularly, depositing money, and being loyal to casinos. Bonuses encourage players to best online casino canada play more and take benefit from future opportunities. However, they come under different wagering requirements. You can withdraw some of these as part of your winnings after meeting all these requirements. Players can also take advantage of playing bonus games and derive free benefits.

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